What’s inside the best watches?

So beyond the gloss exteriors what should you know? The thing the drive any watch is what professional clan ‘the movement”. A movement, also known as a caliber or calibre. The term originated with mechanical timepieces, whose clockwork movements are made of many moving parts.

The internal mechanism of a watch that maintains time and powers its features is referred to as a movement or caliber. Basically it functions as the watch's "engine" and is made up of a number of gears, wheels, and springs that all work together to keep the watch moving.

Movement Types

Quartz and mechanical movements are the two primary types found in timepieces.

A mechanical movement uses a system of gears and wheels to power the watch's operations. The mainspring is wound manually or automatically via the movement of your hand using a rotor. These movements, which are seen to be more conventional, are frequently seen in expensive and premium watches watches.  The basic movements can if you want to get a bit more complex be subdivided into:

  • Full plate movement
  • Three quarter plate movement
  • Bridge movement
  • Manual or hand winding
  • Automatic or self-winding

For a bit more detail about the differences amongst movements your can check out:


Mali Watches

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